Experienced commercial tree surgeons

Our services are available for:

At Rob Keyzor BSC Arb, we offer a professional service, working with complete diligence to ensure your work is carried out to the highest possible standards of quality and care.

  • Local authorities

  • Schools

  • Health authorities

  • Nursing homes

  • Housing associations

  • Other larger established landscape owners / managers

Fully trained and well experienced

Our staff are all fully trained and well experienced, and can carry out any work from the most sensitive pruning work to extensive site clearance works.


We're featured on a number of databases such as Constructionline, who have already checked our paper work trail and exhaustively followed up on our references.

A full range of arboricultural consultancy services:

  • Specialists in planning issues

  • Tree inspections

  • Development site surveys

  • Negotiations with planning authorities

  • Arboricultural impact assessments

  • Arboricultural risk assessments

  • Tree planting / landscape renewal schemes

A row of green trees along a drive

Knowledgeable and professional arboricultural consultants

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